Our caring and compassionate veterinary care team!

Douglas Oaks is proud to have Dr. Gallagher and Dr. Hobby leading the crew. Our staff is knowledgeable, caring, and hard-working to help you and your pet be more comfortable. Please call us at 770-949-6560 to speak to one of our caring veterinary staff members!

    Practice Manager

  • woman smiling in front of sign

    Emily Ewing, RVT

    We welcomed Emily to Douglas Oaks in late 2013. She grew up in the rural town of Rico,…

    Financial Officer

  • Smiling woman with dark brown hair

    Anne Hallmark

    Anne has been with Douglas Oaks since 1996 and has since become known as the clinic…

    Veterinary Assistants

  • man smiling

    Drew Aikens

    Born and raised in Beaufort, South Carolina, he moved to…
  • Hunter Callahan

    Hunter is a Georgia native, her love of animals was passed down from her mother and…
  • woman with red hair smiling

    Lissa Hollis, CVA

    Lissa grew up in a small town outside of Athens, GA. She has…

    Kennel Assistants

  • Woman outdoors in veterinary scrubs

    April Acklin

    April started Douglas Oaks as a Kennel Tech. May 2015.…
  • man outside in front of trees

    Joey Berger

    Joey works diligently to make sure our canine and feline guests are comfortable and have…