About Our Hospital

Your Douglasville veterinarian!

As of October 2020, Dr. Seth Cohn and Jessie Currell-Cohn, are the proud, new owners of Douglas Oaks Animal Hospital. They, along with our amazing staff, are dedicated to providing quality care and compassion to your furry family!

At Douglas Oaks Animal Hospital, we take pride in delivering personalized, compassionate care to our patients and their guardians in Douglasville and surrounding areas. Our team strives to provide a comfortable environment for our patients and clients and we want everyone, either two legged or four, to feel welcome as soon as they enter our veterinary clinic. This all starts with a warm hello for you and a yummy treat for your pet.

Our Douglasville Animal Hospital opened its doors in 1979 and offers a wide range of medical services and surgeries for dogs and cats in Douglasville. We’re located at 3939 HWY 5, Douglasville, Georgia 30135. At Douglas Oaks Animal Hospital, we see both cats and dogs as patients. Dr. Seth Cohn & our highly trained staff are dedicated to providing quality care & compassion for your furry family.

Find out more about our team by visiting our Team page. Better yet, give us a call at 770-949-6560 – we’d love to chat!

Our Veterinary Hospital

Douglas Oaks Animal Hospital is devoted to your pet’s wellbeing.

Our Vets in Douglas County provide a variety of veterinary medical services for dogs and cats in Douglasville and surrounding areas.

Contact us today at 770-949-6560 to schedule your pet care appointment with our friendly and dedicated veterinary team!