Pet Wellness Services

Annual Exams

Yearly exams are important so that doctors are able to find and treat early signs of disease, tumors, arthritis, etc. It is also necessary to see pets once a year to maintain a doctor/ patient relationship so that we may continue providing you with prescription strength medication. Some of those medications include heartworm prevention, oral flea and tick prevention, medication for allergies, and antibiotics. We also recommend blood work once every year to check for anemia, organ functions, diabetes, and other metabolic illnesses.

Dog Bundles– Our annual exam for dogs include a wellness exam with the doctor, updating vaccinations (Rabies, Bordetella, Parvo, Lepto, and Distemper), a heartworm test, and fecal intestinal parasite screen.

Cat Bundles– The reason the bundles are different for cats is due to their lifestyle. The cats that go outside are much more likely to get into a fight than a cat that stays in doors- This is why additional testing and vaccines are needed. Our doctors are happy to discuss what bundle is best for your cat.

Outdoor Bundle–  If they go outside we examine them and update vaccinations (Rabies, Feline Distemper, and Leukemia), test for FIV/ FeLV (Feline AIDS/ Feline Leukemia), and a fecal intestinal worm test.

Indoor Bundle– This bundle is specifically for if your kitty stays indoors only and never puts a paw out the door. We do our wellness exam with the doctor and update vaccinations (Rabies and Distemper).